About Me

I am a web developer with a bachelor’s degree in computer science and I am currently pursuing my master’s in computer science. I specialize in front end development and I have a rich background in UX/UI Research and Design.

Currently I build and update React components for brands like The Gap and Lululemon by making their components adhere to web accessibility guidelines (ADA compliance). While I only recently started learning and implementing accessibility (often abbreviated as a11y), it has quickly become my main focus as a developer and designer.

Right now I am conducting user research and source code evaluation for the Florida Department of Transportation on behalf of Florida State University as a graduate research assistant. Excellent verbal and written communication is essential for this role and my professor, Ms. Sonia Haiduc Ph.D., can attest to my skills. I am great at collaborating with my team to get work done while also being comfortable working individually.

My friends and family with special needs have inspired me to make accessibility the focus of my career. I am constantly teaching myself about best practices in accessibility. In both my work as a frontend developer as well as my research with FSU, I ensure that accessibility is a primary consideration and not an afterthought.

I am a self-motivated individual with a passion for programming and design. I am a quick learner and readily take on any challenge presented to me.