Cool Stuff pt. 2 - Zed

Zed is a new, open-source text editor built in Rust by the team that originally built Atom.

Blazingly Fast!

The brilliant minds behind Zed also built GPUI, a rendering framework that leverages the GPU to render 2D UI’s like a video game. This gives Zed a snappy and responsive user interface.

Zed running on GPUI 2, in various themes Zed running on GPUI 2, in various themes. Source

Useful Built-ins

Zed is all about helping you “code at the speed of thought”. So it’s got a bunch of cool out-of-the-box tools like Vim, LSP, Tree-sitter, an integrated terminal, and GitHub Copilot. All these features being baked into Zed help you code as efficiently as you possibly can. It also features support for languages and frameworks like TypeScript and Astro!

Screenshot of zed dot dev website home screen with the tagline Code at the speed of thought by Zed Indsutries Source

Sign Me Up!

Currently, Zed is still in beta and only available on Mac. However, they are working on support for Linux and Windows. If you have a compatible device, go check it out at!